Maintenance, repair and overhaul of Industrial Pumps 

ROTECT has the right expertise as a field service organization to maintain, repair or overhaul your industrial pumps. With the use of our technical specialists and supervisors, both onshore and offshore, we can unburden you in this work and we can be deployed all over the world.


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Maintenance of industrial pumps

Maintenance of your pump is important to prevent unwanted and costly situations. The most common failures are caused by pump misalignment, leakage and/or wear. Preventive inspection, coupling check and alignment of the pump prevents breakdowns.


Repair of industrial pumps

Pump repair is often unplanned and inconvenient. To solve this quickly and professionally, the rotating equipment engineers of ROTECT are available 24/7.


Overhaul of industrial pumps

When your pump is overhauled, the parts are cleaned, sandblasted and measured during disassembly. If it turns out that there are parts that are outside the OEM specifications, they will be replaced or machined. During assembly, the rotating parts are balanced. The pump is fitted with new bearings and aligned internally. Finally, a pressure test is performed on the pump housing. A pressure test is also carried out on the seal depending on the type that is mounted. We have stuffing box seals, mechanical seals, API single seals and API double seals for pumps. The API double seals can also be equipped with an external buffer gas connection.

We have experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling: centrifugal pumps single- and multistage, worm pumps, multistage pumps, positive displacement pumps, vacuum pumps and lobe pumps.

Some brands and types of industrial pumps with which ROTECT is familiar are:

  Brand   Type
MK Vertical submersible
RDLO In between bearing
Omega In between bearing
Flowserve BP Horizontal multistage
KPH Liquid ring compressor
DVSH In between bearing
FP Industrial process
CBT Chemical process