Maintenance, repair and overhaul of Industrial Generators

ROTECT has the right expertise as a field service organization to maintain, repair or overhaul your industrial generators. With the use of our technical specialists and supervisors, both onshore and offshore, we can unburden you in this work and we can be deployed all over the world.


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Maintenance of industrial generators

Maintenance of your industrial generator is important to prevent unwanted and costly situations. Preventive opening of the bearing housings and checking the bearings, bearing contact pattern, clearances and sealing prevents failure.


Repair of industrial generators

Generator repair is often unplanned and inconvenient. To solve this quickly and professionally, the rotating equipment engineers of ROTECT are available 24/7.


Overhaul of industrial generators

When overhauling an industrial generator, we go a step further and the heart of the machine will also be removed. By removing the bearing pedestals, we can rest the rotor on one side on a sliding plate and hang the other side in the crane to slide the rotor out. The rotor will then be transported to a specialized workshop of, for example, the OEM to be able to carry out the correct scope there. Mounting of the rotor, bearing pedestals and bearings is done according to the OEM specifications as supplied.

We have experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling: AC Generators and DC Generators

Some brands and types of industrial generators with which ROTECT is familiar are:

  Brand   Type
Siemens SGen5
General Electric GEN-A
Ansaldo Energia IM7305
Jyoti Ltd. THGB 109-4-D2