Maintenance, repair and overhaul of Industrial Gearboxes

ROTECT has the right expertise as a field service organization to maintain, repair or overhaul your industrial gearboxes. With the use of our technical specialists and supervisors, both onshore and offshore, we can unburden you in this work and we can be deployed all over the world.


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Maintenance of industrial gearboxes

Maintenance of your industrial gearbox is important to prevent unwanted and costly situations. The cover of the gearbox is lifted to lift out the bull gear and pinion. Radial and axial bearings are checked and measured for correct play. Inspection of the white metal (babbitt) from the bearing pads is done by means of NDT testing (dye penetrant) and ultrasonic testing. After everything has been cleaned, bull gear and the pinion have been installed, the backlash and tooth pattern are checked according to the OEM specification.


Repair of industrial gearboxes

Gearbox repair is often unplanned and inconvenient. To solve this quickly and professionally, the rotating equipment engineers of ROTECT are available 24/7.


Overhaul of industrial gearboxes

Overhauling an industrial gearbox usually means that the internals, including all radial and axial bearings, are replaced. It also happens that the entire gearbox is replaced by a new one. Then it will have to be adjusted and aligned again. Alignment using laser optics is crucial for a well-functioning train. A misaligned train causes vibrations, wear and damage with the associated high maintenance costs and low reliability.

We have experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling: planetary gearboxes, bull gear gearboxes and speed reducers


Some brands and types of industrial gearboxes with which ROTECT is familiar are: 

  Brand   Type
Flender TX
Renk TBE630
Voith AD 63 T
Parallel Shaft – Right Angle – epicyclic
Lufkin Integrally Geared
Allen Gears Parallel Shaft - Side Pinion (Increasing)
Stork Gears Parallel Shaft - Side Pinion (Increasing)