Maintenance, repair and overhaul of Industrial Compressors

ROTECT has the right expertise as a field service organization to maintain, repair or overhaul your industrial compressors. With the use of our technical specialists and supervisors, both onshore and offshore, we can unburden you in this work and we can be deployed all over the world.


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Maintenance of industrial compressors

Maintenance of your industrial compressor is important to prevent unwanted and costly situations. Preventive checking of radial and axial bearings, bearing contact pattern, clearances and sealing prevents failure. The preventive replacement of dry gas seals or oil seals can also be part of this scope.


Repair of industrial compressors

Repair of an industrial compressor is often unplanned and inconvenient. To solve this quickly and professionally, the rotating equipment engineers of ROTECT are available 24/7.


Overhaul of industrial compressors

When overhauling an industrial compressor, we go a step further and the heart of the machine will also open. Labyrinth clearances, shaft clearances, balancing the rotor at high speed and cleaning the internals are activities that are carried out during an overhaul in addition to the regular maintenance work. In addition, a coupling check is performed where it is recalculated and adjusted according to the OEM given pre-stretch. Finally, the compressor will be aligned using laser optics. This reduces vibration and extends the life of bearings and seals.


All this work is done according to the OEM drawings and clearance tables. If desired, a report will follow after completion of the scope. 


We have experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling:

Centrifugal compressors (horizontally and vertically split), reciprocating compressors, turbo compressors, hyper compressors and expanders.

Some brands and types of industrial compressors with which ROTECT is familiar are:

  Brand   Type
Siemens STC-GC 10-100 Turbo
STC-SV Centrifugal Vertically split casing
STC-SH Centrifugal Horizontally split casing
Mannesmann DEMAG 08MV6B
DEMAG DeLaval 08MV5A
DeLaval Stork 5B 22
Dresser-rand MTGE 633
Nuovo pione BCL 304 Centrifugal Vertically split casing
BCL 404 Centrifugal Vertically split casing
Elliot A122 Centrifugal
Alstom RB7-6B Thermodyn Centrifugal Vertically split casing
RA8B Thermodyn Centrifugal Vertically split casing
Allis Chalmers VH 305
Ingersoll Rand KHB Reciprocating